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// Copyright (c) 1996, 1997 James Clark
// See the file copying.txt for copying permission.

#ifndef FOTBuilder_INCLUDED
#define FOTBuilder_INCLUDED 1

#include "types.h"
#include "StringC.h"
#include "Boolean.h"
#include "Node.h"
#include "Link.h"
#include "IList.h"
#include "Vector.h"
#include "Resource.h"
#include "Ptr.h"
#include "Owner.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "dsssl_ns.h"

// This is a work around for a bug in Sun C++ 4.1.
// The class local typedef of PublicId will cause it to reject a
// subsequent declaration of the class PublicId, but it's happy
// if it sees the class first.
#ifdef __SUNPRO_CC
#include "ExternalId.h"

#ifdef SP_USE_DLL
#else /* not SP_USE_DLL */
#define STYLE_API /* as nothing */
#endif /* not SP_USE_DLL */


class SaveFOTBuilder;

class STYLE_API FOTBuilder {
  enum Symbol {
    // These are guaranteed to be in increasing order of weight,
    // and expansion.
  enum { nSymbols = symbolColumnMajor + 1 };
  typedef const char *PublicId;
  struct GlyphId {
    GlyphId() : publicId(0), suffix(0) { }
    GlyphId(const char *s, unsigned long n = 0) : publicId(s), suffix(n) { }
    PublicId publicId;
    // If suffix is non-zero, then add a double-colon plus
    // the suffix in decimal onto publicId to get the complete
    // public identifier of the glyph id.
    unsigned long suffix;
  struct GlyphSubstTable : public Resource {
    unsigned uniqueId;
    Vector<GlyphId> pairs;
    GlyphId subst(const GlyphId &) const;
  // SP_LETTER2('U', 'K')
#define SP_LETTER2(c1, c2) (((c1) << 8) | (c2))
  typedef unsigned Letter2;
  typedef long Length;
  struct LengthSpec {
    LengthSpec(long len = 0) : length(len), displaySizeFactor(0.0) { }
    long length;
    double displaySizeFactor;
    operator bool() const { return length != 0 || displaySizeFactor != 0.0; }
  struct TableLengthSpec : LengthSpec {
    TableLengthSpec() : tableUnitFactor(0.0) { }
    double tableUnitFactor;
  struct OptLengthSpec {
    OptLengthSpec() : hasLength(0) { }
    bool hasLength;
    LengthSpec length;
  struct DisplaySpace {
    DisplaySpace() : priority(0), conditional(1), force(0) { }
    LengthSpec nominal;
    LengthSpec min;
    LengthSpec max;
    long priority;
    bool conditional;
    bool force;
  struct InlineSpace {
    LengthSpec nominal;
    LengthSpec min;
    LengthSpec max;
  // non-inherited characteristics for all displayed flow objects
  struct DisplayNIC {
    DisplaySpace spaceBefore;
    DisplaySpace spaceAfter;
    Symbol positionPreference;
    Symbol keep;
    Symbol breakBefore;
    Symbol breakAfter;
    bool keepWithPrevious;
    bool keepWithNext;
    bool mayViolateKeepBefore;
    bool mayViolateKeepAfter;
  struct InlineNIC {
    long breakBeforePriority;
    long breakAfterPriority;
  struct DisplayGroupNIC : DisplayNIC {
    bool hasCoalesceId;
    StringC coalesceId;
  struct ExternalGraphicNIC : DisplayNIC, InlineNIC {
    bool isDisplay;
    Symbol scaleType; // symbolFalse if not a symbol
    double scale[2]; // if scaleType == symbolFalse
    StringC entitySystemId;
    StringC notationSystemId;
    bool hasMaxWidth;
    LengthSpec maxWidth;
    bool hasMaxHeight;
    LengthSpec maxHeight;
    // These apply only if !isDisplay
    // symbolFalse if no escapementDirection
    Symbol escapementDirection;
    LengthSpec positionPointX;
    LengthSpec positionPointY;
  struct BoxNIC : DisplayNIC, InlineNIC {
    bool isDisplay;
  struct RuleNIC : DisplayNIC, InlineNIC {
    Symbol orientation;
    bool hasLength;
    LengthSpec length;
  struct LeaderNIC : InlineNIC {
    bool hasLength;
    LengthSpec length;
  // A paragraph has the same non-inherited characteristics
  // as a display-group.
  typedef DisplayNIC ParagraphNIC;
  struct CharacterNIC {
    enum {
    unsigned specifiedC;
    Char ch;
    GlyphId glyphId;
    long breakBeforePriority;
    long breakAfterPriority;
    Symbol mathClass;
    Symbol mathFontPosture;
    PublicId script;
    bool isDropAfterLineBreak;
    bool isDropUnlessBeforeLineBreak;
    bool isPunct;
    bool isInputWhitespace;
    bool isInputTab;
    bool isRecordEnd;
    bool isSpace;
    // This doesn't have a flag in specifiedC,
    // because it has a fixed default.
    double stretchFactor;
  typedef InlineNIC LineFieldNIC;
  struct TableNIC : public DisplayNIC {
    enum WidthType {
    WidthType widthType;
    LengthSpec width;
  typedef DisplayNIC TablePartNIC;
  struct TableColumnNIC {
    unsigned columnIndex;  // zero-based
    unsigned nColumnsSpanned;
    bool hasWidth;
    TableLengthSpec width;
  struct TableCellNIC {
    // If true, this isn't a real table cell.
    // Rather it's one that can be used to fill in cells missing in this row.
    bool missing;
    unsigned columnIndex;  // zero-based
    unsigned nColumnsSpanned;
    unsigned nRowsSpanned;
  struct DeviceRGBColor {
    unsigned char red;
    unsigned char green;
    unsigned char blue;
  struct MultiMode {
    bool hasDesc;
    StringC name;
    StringC desc;
  struct Address {
    enum Type {
      // An address of #f
      // An address that was resolved by the front-end to a node
      // Only the node member is valid.
      // node contains current node, params[0] is string.
    Type type;
    // Gives current node or resolved node.
    NodePtr node;
    StringC params[3];
  virtual SaveFOTBuilder *asSaveFOTBuilder();
  virtual ~FOTBuilder();
  // Default for compound flow objects
  virtual void start();
  virtual void end();
  // Default for atomic flow objects: defaults to start(); end();
  virtual void atomic();
  // Atomic flow objects
  virtual void characters(const Char *, size_t);
  // Like characters(), but data comes from charChunk() on a NodePtr.
  // If you are building a tree, then the NodePtr can be saved instead
  // of the data.  The default implementation calls characters().
  virtual void charactersFromNode(const NodePtr &, const Char *, size_t);
  virtual void character(const CharacterNIC &);
  virtual void paragraphBreak(const ParagraphNIC &);
  virtual void externalGraphic(const ExternalGraphicNIC &);
  virtual void rule(const RuleNIC &);
  virtual void alignmentPoint();
  // For flow object class public id
  // "UNREGISTERED::James Clark//Flow Object Class::formatting-instruction"
  virtual void formattingInstruction(const StringC &);
  // Non-atomic flow objects
  virtual void startSequence();
  virtual void endSequence();
  virtual void startLineField(const LineFieldNIC &);
  virtual void endLineField();
  virtual void startParagraph(const ParagraphNIC &);
  virtual void endParagraph();
  virtual void startDisplayGroup(const DisplayGroupNIC &);
  virtual void endDisplayGroup();
  virtual void startScroll();
  virtual void endScroll();
  virtual void startLink(const Address &);
  virtual void endLink();
  virtual void startMarginalia();
  virtual void endMarginalia();
  virtual void startMultiMode(const MultiMode *principalPort,  // null if no principal port
                        const Vector<MultiMode> &namedPorts,
                        Vector<FOTBuilder *> &);
  virtual void endMultiMode();
  virtual void startScore(Char);
  virtual void startScore(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void startScore(Symbol);
  virtual void endScore();
  virtual void startLeader(const LeaderNIC &);
  virtual void endLeader();
  virtual void startSideline();
  virtual void endSideline();
  virtual void startBox(const BoxNIC &);
  virtual void endBox();
  // Tables
  virtual void startTable(const TableNIC &);
  virtual void endTable();
  // A call for each border is made immediately
  // after startTable(), each preceded by any appropriate set*() calls.
  virtual void tableBeforeRowBorder();
  virtual void tableAfterRowBorder();
  virtual void tableBeforeColumnBorder();
  virtual void tableAfterColumnBorder();
  virtual void startTablePart(const TablePartNIC &, FOTBuilder *&header, FOTBuilder *&footer);
  virtual void endTablePart();
  virtual void tableColumn(const TableColumnNIC &);
  virtual void startTableRow();
  virtual void endTableRow();
  virtual void startTableCell(const TableCellNIC &);
  virtual void endTableCell();
  virtual void tableCellBeforeRowBorder();
  virtual void tableCellAfterRowBorder();
  virtual void tableCellBeforeColumnBorder();
  virtual void tableCellAfterColumnBorder();
  // Implementation must set numerator and denominator
  // must be set to non-null values.
  virtual void startMathSequence();
  virtual void endMathSequence();
  virtual void startFraction(FOTBuilder *&numerator, FOTBuilder *&denominator);
  // startFraction is followed by call to fractionBar with set...() calls
  // intervening
  virtual void fractionBar();
  virtual void endFraction();
  virtual void startUnmath();
  virtual void endUnmath();
  virtual void startSuperscript();
  virtual void endSuperscript();
  virtual void startSubscript();
  virtual void endSubscript();
  virtual void startScript(FOTBuilder *&preSup,
                           FOTBuilder *&preSub,
                           FOTBuilder *&postSup,
                           FOTBuilder *&postSub,
                           FOTBuilder *&midSup,
                           FOTBuilder *&midSub);
  virtual void endScript();
  virtual void startMark(FOTBuilder *&overMark, FOTBuilder *&underMark);
  virtual void endMark();
  virtual void startFence(FOTBuilder *&open, FOTBuilder *&close);
  virtual void endFence();
  virtual void startRadical(FOTBuilder *&degree);
  // startRadical is followed by one of the following
  virtual void radicalRadical(const CharacterNIC &);
  virtual void radicalRadicalDefaulted();
  virtual void endRadical();
  virtual void startMathOperator(FOTBuilder *&oper,
                                 FOTBuilder *&lowerLimit,
                                 FOTBuilder *&upperLimit);
  virtual void endMathOperator();
  struct GridNIC {
    unsigned nColumns;
    unsigned nRows;
  virtual void startGrid(const GridNIC &);
  virtual void endGrid();

  struct GridCellNIC {
    unsigned columnNumber;
    unsigned rowNumber;
  virtual void startGridCell(const GridCellNIC &);
  virtual void endGridCell();

  // Simple page
  virtual void startSimplePageSequence();
  virtual void endSimplePageSequence();
  // Headers and footers are treated like a separate port.
  // There are 24 different parts to the headers and footers
  // numbered 0 to 027; the numbers are computed by or'ing the
  // following flags.
  enum HF {
    // first page or other page
    firstHF = 01,
    otherHF = 0,
    // front page or back page
    frontHF = 02,
    backHF = 0,
    // header or footer
    headerHF = 04,
    footerHF = 0,
    // left, center or right part of header
    leftHF = 0,
    centerHF = 010,
    rightHF = 020,
    // number of different HF calls
    nHF = 030
  virtual void startSimplePageSequenceHeaderFooter(unsigned);
  virtual void endSimplePageSequenceHeaderFooter(unsigned);
  virtual void endAllSimplePageSequenceHeaderFooter();
  // page-number sosofo
  virtual void pageNumber();
  // Inherited characteristics
  // Set the value of the characteristic for the next flow object.
  // Inherited characteristics that are not explicitly set have
  // the same value as the parent flow object.
  virtual void setFontSize(Length);
  virtual void setFontFamilyName(const StringC &);
  virtual void setFontWeight(Symbol);
  virtual void setFontPosture(Symbol);
  virtual void setStartIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setEndIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setFirstLineStartIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setLastLineEndIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setLineSpacing(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setFieldWidth(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setMarginaliaSep(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setLines(Symbol);
  virtual void setQuadding(Symbol);
  virtual void setDisplayAlignment(Symbol);
  virtual void setFieldAlign(Symbol);
  virtual void setColor(const DeviceRGBColor &);
  virtual void setBackgroundColor(); // background of #f
  virtual void setBackgroundColor(const DeviceRGBColor &);
  virtual void setBorderPresent(bool);
  virtual void setLineThickness(Length);
  virtual void setCellBeforeRowMargin(Length);
  virtual void setCellAfterRowMargin(Length);
  virtual void setCellBeforeColumnMargin(Length);
  virtual void setCellAfterColumnMargin(Length);
  virtual void setLineSep(Length);
  virtual void setBoxSizeBefore(Length);
  virtual void setBoxSizeAfter(Length);
  virtual void setPositionPointShift(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setStartMargin(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setEndMargin(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setSidelineSep(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setAsisWrapIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setLineNumberSep(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setLastLineJustifyLimit(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setJustifyGlyphSpaceMaxAdd(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setJustifyGlyphSpaceMaxRemove(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setTableCornerRadius(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setBoxCornerRadius(const LengthSpec &);
  virtual void setMinPreLineSpacing(const OptLengthSpec &);
  virtual void setMinPostLineSpacing(const OptLengthSpec &);
  virtual void setMinLeading(const OptLengthSpec &);
  virtual void setInhibitLineBreaks(bool);
  virtual void setHyphenate(bool);
  virtual void setKern(bool);
  virtual void setLigature(bool);
  virtual void setScoreSpaces(bool);
  virtual void setFloatOutMarginalia(bool);
  virtual void setFloatOutSidelines(bool);
  virtual void setFloatOutLineNumbers(bool);
  virtual void setCellBackground(bool);
  virtual void setSpanWeak(bool);
  virtual void setIgnoreRecordEnd(bool);
  virtual void setNumberedLines(bool);
  virtual void setHangingPunct(bool);
  virtual void setBoxOpenEnd(bool);
  virtual void setTruncateLeader(bool);
  virtual void setAlignLeader(bool);
  virtual void setTablePartOmitMiddleHeader(bool);
  virtual void setTablePartOmitMiddleFooter(bool);
  virtual void setBorderOmitAtBreak(bool);
  virtual void setPrincipalModeSimultaneous(bool);
  virtual void setMarginaliaKeepWithPrevious(bool);
  virtual void setGridEquidistantRows(bool);
  virtual void setGridEquidistantColumns(bool);
  virtual void setLineJoin(Symbol);
  virtual void setLineCap(Symbol);
  virtual void setLineNumberSide(Symbol);
  virtual void setKernMode(Symbol);
  virtual void setInputWhitespaceTreatment(Symbol);
  virtual void setFillingDirection(Symbol);
  virtual void setWritingMode(Symbol);
  virtual void setLastLineQuadding(Symbol);
  virtual void setMathDisplayMode(Symbol);
  virtual void setScriptPreAlign(Symbol);
  virtual void setScriptPostAlign(Symbol);
  virtual void setScriptMidSupAlign(Symbol);
  virtual void setScriptMidSubAlign(Symbol);
  virtual void setNumeratorAlign(Symbol);
  virtual void setDenominatorAlign(Symbol);
  virtual void setGridPositionCellType(Symbol);
  virtual void setGridColumnAlignment(Symbol);
  virtual void setGridRowAlignment(Symbol);
  virtual void setBoxType(Symbol);
  virtual void setGlyphAlignmentMode(Symbol);
  virtual void setBoxBorderAlignment(Symbol);
  virtual void setCellRowAlignment(Symbol);
  virtual void setBorderAlignment(Symbol);
  virtual void setSidelineSide(Symbol);
  virtual void setHyphenationKeep(Symbol);
  virtual void setFontStructure(Symbol);
  virtual void setFontProportionateWidth(Symbol);
  virtual void setCellCrossed(Symbol);
  virtual void setMarginaliaSide(Symbol);
  virtual void setLayer(long);
  virtual void setBackgroundLayer(long);
  virtual void setBorderPriority(long);
  virtual void setLineRepeat(long);
  virtual void setSpan(long);
  virtual void setMinLeaderRepeat(long);
  virtual void setHyphenationRemainCharCount(long);
  virtual void setHyphenationPushCharCount(long);
  virtual void setWidowCount(long);
  virtual void setOrphanCount(long);
  // 0 means #f
  virtual void setExpandTabs(long);
  virtual void setHyphenationLadderCount(long);
  // public id or #f
  virtual void setBackgroundTile(PublicId);
  virtual void setLineBreakingMethod(PublicId);
  virtual void setLineCompositionMethod(PublicId);
  virtual void setImplicitBidiMethod(PublicId);
  virtual void setGlyphSubstMethod(PublicId);
  virtual void setGlyphReorderMethod(PublicId);
  virtual void setHyphenationMethod(PublicId);
  virtual void setTableAutoWidthMethod(PublicId);
  virtual void setFontName(PublicId);
  // Two-letter code
  virtual void setLanguage(Letter2);
  virtual void setCountry(Letter2);
  virtual void setEscapementSpaceBefore(const InlineSpace &);
  virtual void setEscapementSpaceAfter(const InlineSpace &);
  // For simple page sequence
  virtual void setPageWidth(Length);
  virtual void setPageHeight(Length);
  virtual void setLeftMargin(Length);
  virtual void setRightMargin(Length);
  virtual void setTopMargin(Length);
  virtual void setBottomMargin(Length);
  virtual void setHeaderMargin(Length);
  virtual void setFooterMargin(Length);
  // Others
  virtual void setGlyphSubstTable(const Vector<ConstPtr<GlyphSubstTable> > &);
  // Backlinks
  // processingMode is empty for initial processing mode.
  virtual void startNode(const NodePtr &, const StringC &processingMode);
  virtual void endNode();
  virtual void currentNodePageNumber(const NodePtr &);

  class CompoundExtensionFlowObj;
  class STYLE_API ExtensionFlowObj {
    virtual ~ExtensionFlowObj();
    class Value {
      virtual bool convertString(StringC &) const = 0;
      virtual bool convertStringPairList(Vector<StringC> &) const = 0;
      virtual bool convertStringList(Vector<StringC> &) const = 0;
      virtual bool convertBoolean(bool &) const = 0;
    virtual CompoundExtensionFlowObj *asCompoundExtensionFlowObj();
    virtual const CompoundExtensionFlowObj *asCompoundExtensionFlowObj() const;
    virtual bool hasNIC(const StringC &) const;
    virtual void setNIC(const StringC &, const Value &);
    virtual ExtensionFlowObj *copy() const = 0;
  class STYLE_API CompoundExtensionFlowObj : public ExtensionFlowObj {
    CompoundExtensionFlowObj *asCompoundExtensionFlowObj();
    const CompoundExtensionFlowObj *asCompoundExtensionFlowObj() const;
    virtual bool hasPrincipalPort() const;
    virtual void portNames(Vector<StringC> &) const;

  // extension inherited characteristics

  virtual void extensionSet(void (FOTBuilder::*)(bool), bool);
  virtual void extensionSet(void (FOTBuilder::*)(const StringC &), const StringC &);
  virtual void extensionSet(void (FOTBuilder::*)(long), long);
  // extension flow objects
  virtual void extension(const ExtensionFlowObj &, const NodePtr &);
  virtual void startExtension(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &,
                        const NodePtr &,
                        Vector<FOTBuilder *> &ports);
  virtual void endExtension(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &);

  struct Extension {
    const char *pubid;
    void (FOTBuilder::*boolSetter)(bool);
    void (FOTBuilder::*stringSetter)(const StringC &);
    void (FOTBuilder::*integerSetter)(long);
    void (FOTBuilder::*lengthSetter)(Length);
    const ExtensionFlowObj *flowObj;

  static const char *symbolName(Symbol);

class STYLE_API SaveFOTBuilder : public Link, public FOTBuilder {
  SaveFOTBuilder(const NodePtr &, const StringC &processingMode);
  SaveFOTBuilder *asSaveFOTBuilder();
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  void characters(const Char *, size_t);
  void charactersFromNode(const NodePtr &, const Char *, size_t);
  void character(const CharacterNIC &);
  void paragraphBreak(const ParagraphNIC &);
  void externalGraphic(const ExternalGraphicNIC &);
  void rule(const RuleNIC &);
  void alignmentPoint();
  void formattingInstruction(const StringC &);
  void startSequence();
  void endSequence();
  void startLineField(const LineFieldNIC &);
  void endLineField();
  void startParagraph(const ParagraphNIC &);
  void endParagraph();
  void startDisplayGroup(const DisplayGroupNIC &);
  void endDisplayGroup();
  void startScroll();
  void endScroll();
  void startLink(const Address &);
  void endLink();
  void startMultiMode(const MultiMode *principalPort,
                      const Vector<MultiMode> &namedPorts,
                  Vector<FOTBuilder *> &);
  void endMultiMode();
  void startMarginalia();
  void endMarginalia();
  void startScore(Char);
  void startScore(const LengthSpec &);
  void startScore(Symbol);
  void endScore();
  void startLeader(const LeaderNIC &);
  void endLeader();
  void startSideline();
  void endSideline();
  void startBox(const BoxNIC &);
  void endBox();
  void startSimplePageSequence();
  void endSimplePageSequence();
  // Headers and footers are treated like a separate port.
  void startSimplePageSequenceHeaderFooter(unsigned);
  void endSimplePageSequenceHeaderFooter(unsigned);
  void endAllSimplePageSequenceHeaderFooter();
  // page-number sosofo
  void pageNumber();
  // math
  void startMathSequence();
  void endMathSequence();
  void startFraction(FOTBuilder *&numerator, FOTBuilder *&denominator);
  void fractionBar();
  void endFraction();
  void startUnmath();
  void endUnmath();
  void startSuperscript();
  void endSuperscript();
  void startSubscript();
  void endSubscript();
  void startScript(FOTBuilder *&preSup,
                   FOTBuilder *&preSub,
                   FOTBuilder *&postSup,
                   FOTBuilder *&postSub,
                   FOTBuilder *&midSup,
                   FOTBuilder *&midSub);
  void endScript();
  void startMark(FOTBuilder *&overMark, FOTBuilder *&underMark);
  void endMark();
  void startFence(FOTBuilder *&open, FOTBuilder *&close);
  void endFence();
  void startRadical(FOTBuilder *&degree);
  void endRadical();
  void radicalRadical(const CharacterNIC &);
  void radicalRadicalDefaulted();
  void startMathOperator(FOTBuilder *&oper,
                         FOTBuilder *&lowerLimit,
                         FOTBuilder *&upperLimit);
  void endMathOperator();
  void startGrid(const GridNIC &);
  void endGrid();
  void startGridCell(const GridCellNIC &);
  void endGridCell();

  // Tables
  void startTable(const TableNIC &);
  void endTable();
  void tableBeforeRowBorder();
  void tableAfterRowBorder();
  void tableBeforeColumnBorder();
  void tableAfterColumnBorder();
  void startTablePart(const TablePartNIC &, FOTBuilder *&header, FOTBuilder *&footer);
  void endTablePart();
  void tableColumn(const TableColumnNIC &);
  void startTableRow();
  void endTableRow();
  void startTableCell(const TableCellNIC &);
  void endTableCell();
  void tableCellBeforeRowBorder();
  void tableCellAfterRowBorder();
  void tableCellBeforeColumnBorder();
  void tableCellAfterColumnBorder();
  // Inherited characteristics
  void setFontSize(Length);
  void setFontFamilyName(const StringC &);
  void setFontWeight(Symbol);
  void setFontPosture(Symbol);
  void setStartIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  void setEndIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  void setFirstLineStartIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  void setLastLineEndIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  void setLineSpacing(const LengthSpec &);
  void setFieldWidth(const LengthSpec &);
  void setLines(Symbol);
  void setQuadding(Symbol);
  void setDisplayAlignment(Symbol);
  void setFieldAlign(Symbol);
  void setColor(const DeviceRGBColor &);
  void setBackgroundColor(const DeviceRGBColor &);
  void setBackgroundColor();
  void setPageWidth(Length);
  void setPageHeight(Length);
  void setLeftMargin(Length);
  void setRightMargin(Length);
  void setTopMargin(Length);
  void setBottomMargin(Length);
  void setHeaderMargin(Length);
  void setFooterMargin(Length);
  void setBorderPresent(bool);
  void setLineThickness(Length);
  void setCellBeforeRowMargin(Length);
  void setCellAfterRowMargin(Length);
  void setCellBeforeColumnMargin(Length);
  void setCellAfterColumnMargin(Length);
  void setLineSep(Length);
  void setBoxSizeBefore(Length);
  void setBoxSizeAfter(Length);
  void setPositionPointShift(const LengthSpec &);
  void setStartMargin(const LengthSpec &);
  void setEndMargin(const LengthSpec &);
  void setSidelineSep(const LengthSpec &);
  void setAsisWrapIndent(const LengthSpec &);
  void setLineNumberSep(const LengthSpec &);
  void setLastLineJustifyLimit(const LengthSpec &);
  void setJustifyGlyphSpaceMaxAdd(const LengthSpec &);
  void setJustifyGlyphSpaceMaxRemove(const LengthSpec &);
  void setTableCornerRadius(const LengthSpec &);
  void setBoxCornerRadius(const LengthSpec &);
  void setMarginaliaSep(const LengthSpec &);
  void setMinPreLineSpacing(const OptLengthSpec &);
  void setMinPostLineSpacing(const OptLengthSpec &);
  void setMinLeading(const OptLengthSpec &);
  void setInhibitLineBreaks(bool);
  void setHyphenate(bool);
  void setKern(bool);
  void setLigature(bool);
  void setScoreSpaces(bool);
  void setFloatOutMarginalia(bool);
  void setFloatOutSidelines(bool);
  void setFloatOutLineNumbers(bool);
  void setCellBackground(bool);
  void setSpanWeak(bool);
  void setIgnoreRecordEnd(bool);
  void setNumberedLines(bool);
  void setHangingPunct(bool);
  void setBoxOpenEnd(bool);
  void setTruncateLeader(bool);
  void setAlignLeader(bool);
  void setTablePartOmitMiddleHeader(bool);
  void setTablePartOmitMiddleFooter(bool);
  void setBorderOmitAtBreak(bool);
  void setPrincipalModeSimultaneous(bool);
  void setMarginaliaKeepWithPrevious(bool);
  void setGridEquidistantRows(bool);
  void setGridEquidistantColumns(bool);
  void setLineJoin(Symbol);
  void setLineCap(Symbol);
  void setLineNumberSide(Symbol);
  void setKernMode(Symbol);
  void setInputWhitespaceTreatment(Symbol);
  void setFillingDirection(Symbol);
  void setWritingMode(Symbol);
  void setLastLineQuadding(Symbol);
  void setMathDisplayMode(Symbol);
  void setScriptPreAlign(Symbol);
  void setScriptPostAlign(Symbol);
  void setScriptMidSupAlign(Symbol);
  void setScriptMidSubAlign(Symbol);
  void setNumeratorAlign(Symbol);
  void setDenominatorAlign(Symbol);
  void setGridPositionCellType(Symbol);
  void setGridColumnAlignment(Symbol);
  void setGridRowAlignment(Symbol);
  void setBoxType(Symbol);
  void setGlyphAlignmentMode(Symbol);
  void setBoxBorderAlignment(Symbol);
  void setCellRowAlignment(Symbol);
  void setBorderAlignment(Symbol);
  void setSidelineSide(Symbol);
  void setHyphenationKeep(Symbol);
  void setFontStructure(Symbol);
  void setFontProportionateWidth(Symbol);
  void setCellCrossed(Symbol);
  void setMarginaliaSide(Symbol);
  void setLayer(long);
  void setBackgroundLayer(long);
  void setBorderPriority(long);
  void setLineRepeat(long);
  void setSpan(long);
  void setMinLeaderRepeat(long);
  void setHyphenationRemainCharCount(long);
  void setHyphenationPushCharCount(long);
  void setWidowCount(long);
  void setOrphanCount(long);
  void setExpandTabs(long);
  void setHyphenationLadderCount(long);
  void setBackgroundTile(PublicId);
  void setLineBreakingMethod(PublicId);
  void setLineCompositionMethod(PublicId);
  void setImplicitBidiMethod(PublicId);
  void setGlyphSubstMethod(PublicId);
  void setGlyphReorderMethod(PublicId);
  void setHyphenationMethod(PublicId);
  void setTableAutoWidthMethod(PublicId);
  void setFontName(PublicId);
  void setLanguage(Letter2);
  void setCountry(Letter2);
  void setEscapementSpaceBefore(const InlineSpace &);
  void setEscapementSpaceAfter(const InlineSpace &);
  void setGlyphSubstTable(const Vector<ConstPtr<GlyphSubstTable> > &);
  void startNode(const NodePtr &, const StringC &processingMode);
  void endNode();
  void currentNodePageNumber(const NodePtr &);
  void extensionSet(void (FOTBuilder::*)(bool), bool);
  void extensionSet(void (FOTBuilder::*)(const StringC &), const StringC &);
  void extensionSet(void (FOTBuilder::*)(long), long);
  void extension(const ExtensionFlowObj &, const NodePtr &);
  void startExtension(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &,
                  const NodePtr &,
                  Vector<FOTBuilder *> &ports);
  void endExtension(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &);

  struct Call {
    virtual ~Call();
    virtual void emit(FOTBuilder &) = 0;
    Call *next;
  SaveFOTBuilder(const SaveFOTBuilder &); // undefined
  void operator=(const SaveFOTBuilder &); // undefined
  struct NoArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)();
    NoArgCall(FuncPtr f) : func(f) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
  struct LongArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(long);
    LongArgCall(FuncPtr f, long n) : func(f), arg(n) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    long arg;
  struct ExtensionLongArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(long);
    ExtensionLongArgCall(FuncPtr f, long n) : func(f), arg(n) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    long arg;
  struct LengthSpecArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(const LengthSpec &);
    LengthSpecArgCall(FuncPtr f, const LengthSpec &ls) : func(f), arg(ls) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    LengthSpec arg;
  struct OptLengthSpecArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(const OptLengthSpec &);
    OptLengthSpecArgCall(FuncPtr f, const OptLengthSpec &ols) : func(f), arg(ols) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    OptLengthSpec arg;
  struct NodePtrArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(const NodePtr &);
    NodePtrArgCall(FuncPtr f, const NodePtr &nd) : func(f), arg(nd) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    NodePtr arg;
  struct StringArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(const StringC &);
    StringArgCall(FuncPtr f, const StringC &s) : func(f), arg(s) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    StringC arg;
  struct ExtensionStringArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(const StringC &);
    ExtensionStringArgCall(FuncPtr f, const StringC &s) : func(f), arg(s) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    StringC arg;
   struct CharArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(Char);
    CharArgCall(FuncPtr f, Char c) : func(f), arg(c) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    Char arg;
  struct BoolArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(bool);
    BoolArgCall(FuncPtr f, bool b) : func(f), arg(b) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    bool arg;
  struct ExtensionBoolArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(bool);
    ExtensionBoolArgCall(FuncPtr f, bool b) : func(f), arg(b) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    bool arg;
  struct SymbolArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(Symbol);
    SymbolArgCall(FuncPtr f, Symbol sym) : func(f), arg(sym) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    Symbol arg;
  struct PublicIdArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(PublicId);
    PublicIdArgCall(FuncPtr f, PublicId pubid) : func(f), arg(pubid) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    PublicId arg;
  struct UnsignedArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(unsigned);
    UnsignedArgCall(FuncPtr f, unsigned n) : func(f), arg(n) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    unsigned arg;
  struct DeviceRGBColorArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(const DeviceRGBColor &);
    DeviceRGBColorArgCall(FuncPtr f, const DeviceRGBColor &color) : func(f), arg(color) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    DeviceRGBColor arg;
  struct InlineSpaceArgCall : Call {
    typedef void (FOTBuilder::*FuncPtr)(const InlineSpace &);
    InlineSpaceArgCall(FuncPtr f, InlineSpace is) : func(f), arg(is) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    FuncPtr func;
    InlineSpace arg;
  struct CharactersFromNodeCall : Call {
    CharactersFromNodeCall(const NodePtr &, const Char *, size_t);
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    const Char *data;
    size_t size;
    NodePtr node;
  struct CharactersCall : Call {
    CharactersCall(const Char *, size_t);
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    StringC str;
  struct CharacterCall : Call {
    CharacterCall(const CharacterNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    CharacterNIC arg;
  struct StartNodeCall : Call {
    StartNodeCall(const NodePtr &, const StringC &);
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    NodePtr node;
    StringC mode;
  struct StartParagraphCall : Call {
    StartParagraphCall(const ParagraphNIC &nic);
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    ParagraphNIC arg;
  struct ParagraphBreakCall : Call {
    ParagraphBreakCall(const ParagraphNIC &nic);
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    ParagraphNIC arg;
  struct StartDisplayGroupCall : Call {
    StartDisplayGroupCall(const DisplayGroupNIC &nic);
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    DisplayGroupNIC arg;
  struct StartBoxCall : Call {
    StartBoxCall(const BoxNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    BoxNIC arg;
  struct StartLineFieldCall : Call {
    StartLineFieldCall(const LineFieldNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    LineFieldNIC arg;
  struct ExternalGraphicCall : Call {
    ExternalGraphicCall(const ExternalGraphicNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    ExternalGraphicNIC arg;
  struct RuleCall : Call {
    RuleCall(const RuleNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    RuleNIC arg;
  struct StartLeaderCall : Call {
    StartLeaderCall(const LeaderNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    LeaderNIC arg;
  struct StartTableCall : Call {
    StartTableCall(const TableNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    TableNIC arg;
  struct TableColumnCall : Call {
    TableColumnCall(const TableColumnNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    TableColumnNIC arg;
  struct StartTableCellCall : Call {
    StartTableCellCall(const TableCellNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    TableCellNIC arg;
  struct StartLinkCall : Call {
    StartLinkCall(const Address &addr) : arg(addr) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    Address arg;
  struct SetGlyphSubstTableCall : Call {
    SetGlyphSubstTableCall(const Vector<ConstPtr<GlyphSubstTable> > &tables) : arg(tables) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    Vector<ConstPtr<GlyphSubstTable> > arg;
  struct StartGridCall : Call {
    StartGridCall(const GridNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    GridNIC arg;
  struct StartGridCellCall : Call {
    StartGridCellCall(const GridCellNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    GridCellNIC arg;
  struct RadicalRadicalCall : Call {
    RadicalRadicalCall(const CharacterNIC &nic) : arg(nic) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    CharacterNIC arg;
  struct ExtensionCall : Call {
    ExtensionCall(const ExtensionFlowObj &fo, const NodePtr &nd)
      : arg(fo.copy()), node(nd) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    Owner<ExtensionFlowObj> arg;
    NodePtr node;
  struct EndExtensionCall : Call {
    EndExtensionCall(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &fo)
      : arg(fo.copy()->asCompoundExtensionFlowObj()) { }
    void emit(FOTBuilder &);
    Owner<CompoundExtensionFlowObj> arg;
  Call *calls_;
  Call **tail_;
  NodePtr currentNode_;
  StringC processingMode_;

// Would like to make this a member of SaveFOTBuilder, but can't because
// it has members that are instances of SaveFOTBuilder.

struct StartFractionCall : SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartFractionCall(FOTBuilder *&numerator, FOTBuilder *&denominator);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  SaveFOTBuilder numerator;
  SaveFOTBuilder denominator;

struct StartScriptCall : SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartScriptCall(FOTBuilder *&preSup,
                  FOTBuilder *&preSub,
                  FOTBuilder *&postSup,
                  FOTBuilder *&postSub,
                  FOTBuilder *&midSup,
                  FOTBuilder *&midSub);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  SaveFOTBuilder preSup;
  SaveFOTBuilder preSub;
  SaveFOTBuilder postSup;
  SaveFOTBuilder postSub;
  SaveFOTBuilder midSup;
  SaveFOTBuilder midSub;

struct StartMarkCall : public SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartMarkCall(FOTBuilder *&overMark, FOTBuilder *&underMark);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  SaveFOTBuilder overMark;
  SaveFOTBuilder underMark;

struct StartFenceCall : public SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartFenceCall(FOTBuilder *&open, FOTBuilder *&close);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  SaveFOTBuilder open;
  SaveFOTBuilder close;

struct StartRadicalCall : public SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartRadicalCall(FOTBuilder *&degree);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  SaveFOTBuilder degree;

struct StartMathOperatorCall : public SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartMathOperatorCall(FOTBuilder *&oper,
                        FOTBuilder *&lowerLimit,
                        FOTBuilder *&upperLimit);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  SaveFOTBuilder oper;
  SaveFOTBuilder lowerLimit;
  SaveFOTBuilder upperLimit;

struct StartTablePartCall : SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartTablePartCall(const FOTBuilder::TablePartNIC &nic, FOTBuilder *&header, FOTBuilder *&footer);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  FOTBuilder::TablePartNIC arg;
  SaveFOTBuilder header;
  SaveFOTBuilder footer;

struct StartMultiModeCall : SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartMultiModeCall(const FOTBuilder::MultiMode *principalMode,
                   const Vector<FOTBuilder::MultiMode> &namedModes,
                   Vector<FOTBuilder *> &ports);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  FOTBuilder::MultiMode principalMode;
  bool hasPrincipalMode;
  Vector<FOTBuilder::MultiMode> namedModes;
  IList<SaveFOTBuilder> ports;

struct StartExtensionCall : SaveFOTBuilder::Call {
  StartExtensionCall(const FOTBuilder::CompoundExtensionFlowObj &,
                 const NodePtr &,
                 Vector<FOTBuilder *> &);
  void emit(FOTBuilder &);
  IList<SaveFOTBuilder> ports;
  NodePtr node;
  Owner<FOTBuilder::CompoundExtensionFlowObj> flowObj;

// This uses SaveFOTBuilder to provide a serial view of multi-port objects.

class STYLE_API SerialFOTBuilder : public FOTBuilder {
  // Instead of overriding these
  void startTablePart(const TablePartNIC &,
                      FOTBuilder *&header, FOTBuilder *&footer);
  void endTablePart();
  void startFraction(FOTBuilder *&numerator, FOTBuilder *&denominator);
  void endFraction();
  void startScript(FOTBuilder *&preSup,
                   FOTBuilder *&preSub,
                   FOTBuilder *&postSup,
                   FOTBuilder *&postSub,
                   FOTBuilder *&midSup,
                   FOTBuilder *&midSub);
  void endScript();
  void startMark(FOTBuilder *&overMark, FOTBuilder *&underMark);
  void endMark();
  void startFence(FOTBuilder *&open, FOTBuilder *&close);
  void endFence();
  void startRadical(FOTBuilder *&degree);
  void endRadical();
  void startMathOperator(FOTBuilder *&oper,
                         FOTBuilder *&lowerLimit,
                         FOTBuilder *&upperLimit);
  void endMathOperator();
  void startMultiMode(const MultiMode *,
                      const Vector<MultiMode> &,
                  Vector<FOTBuilder *> &);
  void endMultiMode();
  void startExtension(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &,
                  const NodePtr &,
                  Vector<FOTBuilder *> &ports);
  void endExtension(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &);
  // Override these
  virtual void startFractionSerial();
  virtual void endFractionSerial();
  virtual void startFractionNumerator();
  virtual void endFractionNumerator();
  virtual void startFractionDenominator();
  virtual void endFractionDenominator();
  virtual void startScriptSerial();
  virtual void endScriptSerial();
  virtual void startScriptPreSup();
  virtual void endScriptPreSup();
  virtual void startScriptPreSub();
  virtual void endScriptPreSub();
  virtual void startScriptPostSup();
  virtual void endScriptPostSup();
  virtual void startScriptPostSub();
  virtual void endScriptPostSub();
  virtual void startScriptMidSup();
  virtual void endScriptMidSup();
  virtual void startScriptMidSub();
  virtual void endScriptMidSub();
  virtual void startMarkSerial();
  virtual void endMarkSerial();
  virtual void startMarkOver();
  virtual void endMarkOver();
  virtual void startMarkUnder();
  virtual void endMarkUnder();
  virtual void startFenceSerial();
  virtual void endFenceSerial();
  virtual void startFenceOpen();
  virtual void endFenceOpen();
  virtual void startFenceClose();
  virtual void endFenceClose();
  virtual void startRadicalSerial();
  virtual void endRadicalSerial();
  virtual void startRadicalDegree();
  virtual void endRadicalDegree();
  virtual void startMathOperatorSerial();
  virtual void endMathOperatorSerial();
  virtual void startMathOperatorOperator();
  virtual void endMathOperatorOperator();
  virtual void startMathOperatorLowerLimit();
  virtual void endMathOperatorLowerLimit();
  virtual void startMathOperatorUpperLimit();
  virtual void endMathOperatorUpperLimit();
  virtual void startTablePartSerial(const TablePartNIC &);
  virtual void endTablePartSerial();
  virtual void startTablePartHeader();
  virtual void endTablePartHeader();
  virtual void startTablePartFooter();
  virtual void endTablePartFooter();
  virtual void startMultiModeSerial(const MultiMode *);
  virtual void endMultiModeSerial();
  virtual void startMultiModeMode(const MultiMode &);
  virtual void endMultiModeMode();
  virtual void startExtensionSerial(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &, const NodePtr &);
  virtual void endExtensionSerial(const CompoundExtensionFlowObj &);
  virtual void startExtensionStream(const StringC &);
  virtual void endExtensionStream(const StringC &);
  IList<SaveFOTBuilder> save_;
  Vector<Vector<MultiMode> > multiModeStack_;

bool operator==(const FOTBuilder::GlyphId &g1, const FOTBuilder::GlyphId &g2)
  return g1.publicId == g2.publicId && g1.suffix == g2.suffix;

bool STYLE_API operator==(const StringC &, const char *);


#endif /* not FOTBuilder_INCLUDED */

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